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I have used Eloa CBD for years now and it's worked consistently, I wouldn't change to another CBD brand.
Yvonne Daly


The story begins in Croatia, where alkaline soil combined with low moisture and optimum air temperatures enables our small artisan farm to grow and harvest premium hemp with exceptional nutritional qualities. The hemp flower, which is abundant in cannabinoids such as CBD, is then put through three critical processes; CO2 extraction, winterization and decarboxylation in a world renowned Croatian laboratory, resulting in 100% active CBD. From there the CBD is shipped over to our Northern Ireland bottling plant which mixes the CBD with hemp oil which improves CBD absorption in our bodies.

A few drops of Eloa CBD under the tongue is an essential part of my nightly routine. It's definitely worth a try if you have sleep problems.
Caroline Sproule

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Did you know CBD comes from the hemp plant which has been used medicinally by many cultures for millennia.